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As we celebrate our 53 years of existence as an educational institution, I must seize this opportunity to express my profound pride and joy to be associated with this outstanding beacon, St. Elizabeth Technical High.

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St. Elizabeth Technical High School, founded in 1958, is a skill based, public institution known for its innovative curriculum. Its mission is to offer students a positive and stimulating learning environment which will prepare them for lives as engaged citizens and leaders. The 12-acre campus of St. Elizabeth Technical High School is located at the outskirts of the town of Santa Cruz. The school offers CXC, CAPE, HEART and Pre-University Early Childhood courses Monday to Friday, has more than 1600 students and approximately 80 teachers.



Students, you might not have done as well as you hoped in your last exam but all is not lost. When you get back your examination papers, take the time to examine them well and make a note of where you went wrong. Make use of all the resources available to fix these errors such as your teachers, the review sessions in your class and the peer tutors at the Homework Centre.

Remember, help is available for you. You do not have to fail!!

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