School Board

The Board of Governors for St. Elizabeth Technical High

Mr. Hilret Hanson- Chairman
Mr Keith Wellington- Principal
Mr. Menrol Irwin- Ministry Appt.
Mr. Balfour Clacken- Past Students Rep.
Mrs. Patreena Baily-Green- Ministry Appt.
Mrs. Verollyn Mullings- Administrative Staff Rep.
Mrs. Sheron Beckford- Ancillary Staff Rep.
Mrs. Valrie Gavin- Academic Staff Rep. (interim)
Mr. Jeremy Palmer- Co-opted Member
Mr. Lucien Smith- Bursar
Mr. Basil Bennet- Community Member
Mrs. Sandra Holness- Vice Principal
Mr. Jason Henzel- Co-opted Member
Mr Damanie Campbell- Students Council Rep.
Miss Perdie Newman- P.T.A. Rep.
Mr. Raymond Adams- Ministry Rep.
Mr. Eldemire Smith- Vice Principal