Principal's Message


As we celebrate our 53 years of existence as an educational institution, I must seize this opportunity to express my profound pride and joy to be associated with this outstanding beacon, St. Elizabeth Technical High.

Today, with a student population of over 1700 students and approximately 80 teachers, STETHS is a standard-bearer of excellence in areas such as Sports, Culture, Visual and Performing Arts, Human Ecology, Business, The Sciences, Industrial and Information Technology. As a result, we have become synonymous with greatness. We are recognized both nationally and internationally for our outstanding contributions to the various facets of the society.

As we embrace the technological era, it is not only important for us as an institution to keep records of our achievements, activities and progress, but we should seek to inform the public of these achievements using the most technologically advanced medium available to us. The school’s website is an appropriate means of disseminating this type of information. I wish to use this medium to commend all the persons responsible for compiling and publishing this information.

It is our hope that this website will facilitate effective communication among our stakeholders; Board of Governors, staff, students, alumni, parents and well-wishers. Let us all use this medium to foster proper, healthy, moral and educational development for the betterment of this noble institution.